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3bluentru's Journal

11 December 1955
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I live stranded here on the beautiful southern Oregon Coast. I wonderful place to live, and play with my dogs, but waaay to far from all of my agility friends, trials, seminars and fun. so at least once a month, I pack up the 24' motorhome and head for whereever this an agility trial. I'm 4 hours south of Ptld, 2 hours south of Eugene.

I have the loudest mouthed aussie on the planet, who's also the BEST aussie on the planet, Mick. Most eveyone knows him from his friendly spirit and his extreme love for the sport of agility.

I am also owned by 2 unadoptable rescues, Jig and Jammer, who dabble in agility but don't have the love for it like Mick does.

Joining the pack is my first 'real' BC, 9 month old Tru, (Too Good to be Tru)a rescue from the Corvallis area. We are just getting to know each other, and have just started training--not so much agility yet, but the pre-cursers I have 'heard' others talk about! (THIS TIME I'm doing baby steps!). I'm hoping he finds the love of the sport like Mick has.

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